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*Rough*Notes on design and concepts


Ive only quickly gone over thi in firefox 1.5 and IE 6. Im hopeful it will also work in IE5.5 and opera but cant test at the moment.

Real Intro

These notes are very rough so please forgive any spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, repitition or general stupidity.
Original image - A few features appear in this and the notes but are left out of the site demo.
I had plans to add a few more demo content boxes but cant now as I didnt realise the date or entries was so soon. My plan was to keep the design similar to the current homepage as people will be used to it and when implementing such a major change in concept (web2.0 if a buzz word is required) then I think its best not to confuse the users changing everything at once. Though I did feel some thongs that were being added were to important to allow the users to miss - the bbc player for example. The main aim of this design is to allow basic users to access the same content they always do in a similar way whilst alerting them to the interactive element of not just the UI but the new community driven services. At the same time it is supposed to allow power users for lack of a better term to customise the way their bbc works and the information that they see and with what prominance each piece of info has.
PS. Look how the bbc news globe almost perfectly extends charles clarkes head.


I want to mention some of the other designs I like as a few really grabbed my attention. (This was added just before my submission in a hurry so please forgive any major errors in links etc.)
- BBC Home Goes All ModernIn this one I feel the headings really grab you and alert you to what content is available.
- bbc fluidI really like the notepad idea - would make a great widget. Though I feel the web 2.0 UI bug has manifested here - too round for me.
- ---stream---Lots of content displayed without clutter, I like it even though I feel you ahve to concentrate on it.
- my BBC DesktopI like the idea of minimizing sections though I feel it should be done in a more managed way. I mention this when discussing traffic alerts.
- BBC BroadbandGood looking and smooth in general and I really like the map. I also feel adverts in my widgets should be done this way perhaps even the Whats On box too.
- BBC Shuffle Combination BoxI love this concept though it feels to loose for me to let the general public use.
- My (Very red) BBCCAnother one I really like though not enough information is given on the homepage for me, though it could be modified to work really well.
- Keep It Simple - KIS(S) my BBCI really like the text links below the search bar and how it is all seperated from the main content, however at 800x600 it takes a little too much room.
- 2006Perhaps my favourite but id like to know if the main content can be modifiedto suit the users needs.
- My BBC DashboardI like it though it feels a bit too dark to be using day in day out.
- I don't want a portal, I want an information workspace.Good concept though probably a little too confuing for standrd users, until I read a few of the notes I didnt understand it fully.
- BBC ReInventedI just like this one in general it has no features make me think WOW or that confuse me, I prefer this type.
- Innovation By ConservativismGood design but where is the customisation and web2.0/user-data driven concept.
- Evolution, not revolutionEasy to read easy to use, fab. Design culd allow customisable elements and widgets :) The title fits my philosophy perfectly too
- Evolution not Revolution with Web 2.0Implements the draggable boxes and a basic customisation feature, nice! Again the title suits my philosophy and im happy. Its also easy for standard users to use without customisation.
- BBC (re)BootedThere's something about the big clear pictures at the top that I like, it also gets quite a bit of info across. Anything other than the main info is difficult to find though.

Box Idea

This design is very similar to the google homepage I currently use in that each box is either a feed or widget. Each box would be moveable and resizable by the user. Each would be a javascript object (shown through html) that stores its customisable details a basic for these details may be the colours of the title bar or a widget, the text on the bar, the main background colour and the border colour. The Whats On box (see below) gives a good example of additional customisable options that a widget may use. If the bbc was to create a toolkit for widgets creation then other developers could help create content for the site allowing for integration with other services such as and digg. This box layout would scale to fit the size of the users screen if they were in the customised version and moved boxes into the large white space at the side of this design.

Using this method external sites could create widgets to be plugged in and be self contained and some standard templates for rss feeds could be used allowing users to customise the look of data they recieve from another site for example if the bbc did not offer a bookmarking service (social or not does not bother me, i only use the access from multiple locations feature of such services) then I would take my rss feed customise the layout to a minimal kind of thing maybe use a scrolling layout so that I can browse the bookmarks and access them though my bbc page.

Standard + First Time

These users will see a standard layout of the site, I think it should be pretty similar to this in that the tv shows etc are displayed (without the toolbar though) perhaps without the synopsis etc. Each section would not have keywords or any other customisations associated with it fo example as I like sports and comedy I may see MoTD advertised whereas most people may see Eastenders advertised when they first come to the site. On subscription the user could be asked to fill out a basic question based on how much they like certain shows, subjects etc then from this they could have an account created based on their preferences that they could customise in future. This stops people who do not use the site lots from having to play about with lyouts etc to get the information they require.

Heavy users

They would come and be able to rearrange their page, add content, remove content, customise content, customise contents layout. The extra content that could be added by these users could be either RSS or widgets built to a specific template. Digg,, flickr, gmail, yahoo mail etc could create plugins or fans of either could create plugins to use those applications. The bbc could create some etxra widgets for integration with other web services. Personally id like to see a Traffic reports widget that stays closed until there are traffic alerts on one of the standard routes you have defined then it could appear in alert red (customeisable ofcourse :P). It could integrate some bbc traffic info, google maps and a route finder to show you where heavy trffic is expected and help you find a way around it. With this type of design user created widgets could be easily placed into the page thus giving users the best that the web ahs to offer on one page.

Search Box

The search can have customisable settings such as what extra info to display including:
- See what's popular and new
- See what others are searching for
- My recent searches
- Full directory
Each of these could have the option of being applied to a specific area eg. News only or they could have areas removed for example I dont want the Forums info and may never search Local. The where to search drop down can be set to customisable default eg. I would often search news ahead of anything else. It could even be a js/css drop down with check boxes inside that allow you to select multiple areas of the site. The recent searches etc could be updated live. And may be put in a RSS feed for others to access. As could the whats popular bit. A my recent searches bit may also be useful. Some people ahve suggested removing the full directory but I still think that it can be useful in suggesting keywords to people so I have left a much more minimised version near the search.

What's On Box

The user can stop/start the cycle of switching between all bbc tv and radio channels.(In the original image you can see the pause and play buttons) Every 20 seconds the channels could shift to the left for example bbc one may be removed, all channels shifted left then radio tagged on at the end.

The cutomise bit will allow the user to select which channels they take notice of. It will also allow them to customise what info is displayed out of the following options:

- Basic Channel Name / Channel Logo

- Basic Program Name

- Full Program Name - including small synopsis + time (perhaps runing time) Runing time could be part of synopsis for movies etc It may also contain the info about what extra stuff the show has eg. Subtitles, Stereo, and if its a Repeat.

- Related Links (1, 3 or 5 related links) - Links related to the program from around the bbc such as News headlines, Other TV /Radio shows, Repeats, Next Episode sneak peeks, Forum Boards etc. These links could also be adjustable in the same way that the whats popular thing in the search area is in that users could say they do or dont want certain areas for example I would ignore any forums or radio shows details and mostly look at relted news and tv or iptv shows. Users could also suggest links and when eenough are suggested they appear at the top (this could use a rating system similar to

Tools - This would be a mini toolbar. It would allow the user to tag a show to their MyBBC Player account thus allowing them to download it in the future to watch if it is an IPTV ready show. There could be a series link option to add anything of that series into their Player account. A subscribe to news button allowing them to recieve email updates on shows. And of course a rss feed alernative to the email news. If the show is a radio show or available in a audio only format eg a BBC News 24 live stream then an option could bemade available to listen to the current show in the radio bar at the top.

Rating - A rating of say 5 stars based on user submissions. This area could also offer the user the opportunity to rate programs quickly and easily increasing feedback to the beeb about its shows and helping other users find the best programs. This rating system could be extended to use a tag system similar to that of whereby people can enter a word then enter a rating for that word. For example funny could be entered for two pints of lager and get a 5 star rating. the same word may be entered for never mind the buzzcocks and get a 3 star rating. The ratings could also use a digg like algorithm for ranking, as a basic example something that got 40 stars overall in 40 mins has a rating of 1 spm(star per min) whereas something that got 600 stars over 2 hours would get 5spm and as such would ahve a higher rating. This could be mixed with other data the beeb have to make searching and popular user content much more accessible.

The channels in this could also be theoretical channels (made available via IPTV) for example by genre Comedy this channel could have the top comedies on it. It would not so much be a channel but would be a list of the best shows and episodes. A benefit of this would be that it could easily alert users to new shows before they air on TV etc and whatever other reasons the bbc currently have for puting shosw online before TV. Another benefit or disadvantage depending on how well it is implemented of such an idea is that you could channel users into using the same shows at the same time. By having many users downloading (via the beeb + P2P) you could save bandwidth in the long run. Users could also use the word tagging system mentioned above to see the current favourites for a list fo words they ahve entered for example say I didnt want to see the bcc's suggested(theoretical) comedy channel I could enter the words "funny, fun, comedy, laugh, joke stand up, satire" and then depending on the tags and the spm mentioned above shows could be added to this channel.

News and Sports Boxes

I like the thought of the info being taken from rss feeds keeping it all in the one place. Perhaps going through a script that an add anything that is special for the homepage and not in any rss for example rss shows the newest stories in order the homepage on jubilee day may want to keep the story about the Queen top. The widgets can then be customised by the user in a specific layout and may even offer a template system to more advanced users to enter their own html etc. The amount of other lnks to display could also be customised as could the number of main stoires to display. Personally i'd have two min sports stories and 1 news story then below the news box id arrange say my local box so that it was still a nice shape but gave sport the priority. Again the info displayed in these could also be customised for example I would remove all business news from mine and only leave football and international sport in my sport area. I could ask for priority to be given to keywords for example at the moment in the ports are any story with "injury, rooney, gerrard or owen" in it would get priority for me.

Radio Player

At the moment I use my fm radio ahead of the internet for listening to radio where possible because with the bbc player you either have to have realplayer open or your browser window open which when working takes up too much space on the toolbar (picky I know,but it does bloody annoy me). Id like to see integration with the bbcplayer (IPlayer I believe its called) allowing that to be minimized to the system tray when downloading shows etc but also when playing them for example I dont need to see "Have I got news for you" to enjoy it. Id also like to be able to listen to the radio whil its minimised to tray. However sometimes im just browsing an think id like to listen to the radio rather than my personal collection. For this I built a small radiobar in to the design to allow people to listen to the radio while their bbc homepage is open. This would be difficult when changing pages but with ajax support or simply iframes pages could be setup to change without removing the radio. I designed this quite relative to how I use my google homepage and thats wheneveri click a link i use the middle mouse wheel button thing and open it in a new firefox tab as such whenever i finish scanning the digg, slashdot etc pages I opened I am returned to my google homepage which sometimes has updated rss stories. If people browsed the bbc in this way the radio would be left open all the time. Id customise mine to startup on radio 1 wheneve i logged onto my bbc homepage or if it had the options of a diary style system id say all weekdays go to radio1 then on saturday afternoons go to five live.

The radio bar would be done in javascript then would interface with whatever plugin the user had available whether it is realplayer, windows media player or a flash plugin that streams the data. I think a custom flash plugin would be best in saving bandwidth when people pause or rewind the radio as you could play the live stream to flash but also give it a reference to the stored version of this stream as such people could pause the radio without having to buffer it constantly and could actually rewind the radio. By clicking the station in the radio player a live station could be selected and by clicking th track you could switch to a browser for previous radio shows that you would like to listen to again.

Advert Box (Womens F.A. Cup Final)

Persoanlly i'd still like to see ads from the bbc about upcoming events and programs the bbc could create its own widget for this called advert and depending on the user layout it could show different ads. Again keyword customisation could be used for relevant ads.

About me

As you can tell from the site design I am not into foxusing on graphical design but using html and css and getting it to work in all browsers (not done for this design, though hopefully it should come off). I am more a programmer and am currently about to start my final year at John Moores Uni Liverpool where my main project is to be based on neural networks (to an extent). If you've read all of the above, just tell me one thing "are you insane, thats the biggest load of incomprehensible gibberish ever, ive just browsed over it and i dont even know what i was on about"